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Boutique architecture firm specializing in home design
Known for the creative integration of contemporary with traditional style

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Elissavet Sfouni is an architect. She graduated from the School of Architecture, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki. During her studies she was awarded a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation under a graduate program. In 1995, she presented her Diploma Project entitled "Place for collective practice in the art of living and in the body assiduity: Therma, on the island of Lemnos". In 1996 she established her Architectural Firm in the city of Kavala, working mainly in the residential sector. Since 2010, Elissavet Sfouni has held public works licence from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.
In the context of ongoing information and training, she has attended:
The 19th Congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA), "Present and Futures. Architecture in Cities", Barcelona, 1996
The 21th Congress of UIA, "Resource Architecture", Berlin, 2002
The 23th Congress of UIA, "Transmitting Architecture", Turin, 2008
The 5th Panhellenic Conference of Holistic Architecture and Ecological Building, Serres,2009
The curriculum courses for Buildings Energy Inspectors, organized by the Institute of Education and Training of Greek Technical Chamber Members, Kavala, 2012
The Restoration and Reuse of Historic Buildings and Complexes Programme through the Lifelong Learning Courses of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, 2016